When You Say Goodbye

Somebody told me that you’re heading in a new direction, and I’m not a part of the plan

I hear you’ve got another foil for your affection - you found yourself another man.



Well, I ain’t looking back, ‘cause better times are waiting down the track

It’s a new tomorrow, a brand new day

No-one’s gonna stop the sun from shining, no-one’s gonna take this golden chance away

So when you say goodbye, I’m gonna turn and walk away

You won’t catch me crawling to ya, or beggin’ you to stay

’Cause I’m a-bringing on back the good times, I’m gonna leave your sad ass behind

Yeah it’s a brand new, bright tomorrow and I’m on my way to a bright new day.


I know that things could’ve been a little better, baby, but I never thought you’d stray

And when I think of all the things we’ve done together, baby, how can you just walk away?


Repeat chorus

Yes I’m on my way to a bright new day.



Repeat chorus