Back Where We Belong

I don’t understand what’s goin’ on, girl.  I don’t understand what’s goin’ down.

Everything I do for you is wrong, girl.  It feels like you just don’t want me around.

One day it’s all love and understanding.  The next day you can’t even say my name.

I know there’s no point in us pretending but I’m gonna keep on hopin’ just the same.



I’m gonna keep a handle on it, Hope and pray that it won’t last forever

I’m gonna stay strong.

I’m gonna keep a candle burnin’ ‘til the day we get it back together

Back where we belong.


I have heard it said that love is blind, girl and we’d be fools to waste another day.

Maybe you should leave it all behind, girl, if living here’s as lonely as you say

I don’t understand what’s on your mind, girl.  I don’t understand what makes you stay.

If life with me is really so unkind, girl, why don’t you just turn and walk away?


Repeat chorus