I put my head down, and listen to the lonely sound of rain falling on my window

Like the patter of tiny feet - or your heartbeat.   It seems so long ago

Is it over now?  I can't think why or how.  I still live for yesterday.

People say "find another", but I don't need another lover

I want the one I sent away


Oh baby, you're making this up.  Oh baby, you're breaking me up.

Whoa lady, you've taken me so high.

You say my love is confusing you.  You make out that I'm using you.

I know that I'm losing you, but why?  Why?  I don't know why.


If I should lose your love then God above can take my heart away

'Cause I won't wanna go on when your love is gone.  Life will mean nothing to me on that day.

So I'll relive the time when love was fine, and I'll remember the snow

'Cause winter was the time we met, and summer ain't with us yet

I can't wait for those cold, cold winds to blow, oh no

I don't want those cold, cold winds to go, oh no

I can't wait for those cold, cold winds ... to blow, blow, blow, ah – ah.