Sunshine Lands


Sunshine lands, your music fills my stifled heart

Golden sands, I see you hills and your valleys green, but only in my dreams.


When this life is hard to take, and my worries hard to shake

When troubled times lay heavy on my shoulders

I will still my weary mind, and leave this restless world behind

And travel to a place that’s filled with wonder


Repeat chorus


When your colours fade to grey, and you feel you’ve lost your way

And ne’er-do-wells and rogues are out to break you

The sound of silence in your ear will make those voices disappear

Just lay back and let the music take you


Repeat chorus


When the world is on your case, you put that smile back on your face

Travel to that special place where you can soothe your soul

You are in control.

When the noise inside your head makes you question what’s ahead

Filling you with fear and dread, you can soothe your soul

You can take control.


Repeat chorus


But only in my dreams, only in my dreams, only in my dreams...