No Surrender

If I were to leave this earth today, what would my nearest and dearest say?

Oh how we battled every step along the way.  Mmm no surrender…

Oh so much to do, so little time to spare: Smell the flowers, breathe the air

Let my loved ones know how much I care – that I will always be there.



The higher we fly, the further we fall but the harder the journey, the more we stand tall

And if I falter when fate comes to call, I’ll stand in defiance, my back against the wall

Life may tear my world apart, but life will never break my heart.


Life is but a journey and the road is long.  Sometimes it’s hard to carry on.

We find a shoulder we can lean upon.  Mmm no surrender…

For in my hour of darkness, I am not alone as the love of those around me becomes my cornerstone.

To each and every one of you, I know how much you care - that you will always be there.


Repeat chorus


No surrender, No surrender, No surrender.  Life will never break my heart…