Between The Lines

Don’t look for reasons for the things I do - I want nothing in return.

Kisses don’t come with an IOU.  Reward is never my concern.

Don’t have to lay your body down for me.  All I wanna do is see you smile.

You think that everybody has a fee, well that’s just not my style


Don’t want a pre-nup, in case we break up.  What kind of love has a “Just in case we fall”?

And if I sign up, don’t wanna wake up to find that love has a price to pay

That’s all we need to sow the seed of doubt inside our minds. 

All you’ll find is space between the lines.


I’m pretty careful with the words I choose.  What you hear is what you get.

Don’t look for hidden meanings in the words I use.  You might find something you’ll regret.

You wanna know what’s going on in my head.  You must have something that I need

Something hidden in what I said.  Nothing in life is guaranteed.


Repeat chorus