I Will Rescue You

Love’s a crazy word.  Everybody says it - do we really mean it?

Love - too often heard.  When somebody says it, do you believe it?

It’s just give and take – the more you give, the more the heartache.  Let’s not talk tonight.

Love’s a crazy game.  Everybody plays it, do we ever win it?

Fraud by any other name!  Can’t live without it, gone the next minute.

All those vows we make are just a gift to love for love’s sake.  No more words tonight.



I will rescue you if you rescue me and the love light will shine on us for the world to see

No lies.  No cruel deception.  Honesty’s the key.  Love will, love will set us free.


Love’s a crazy dream, everybody wants it, do we ever live it?

Lost in love, it seems that everybody wants it back when they give it

How much can a poor heart take before it starts to break?  No more words tonight.


Repeat chorus


Don’t let passion tear your world apart.  Words come from the head, not from the heart…


Repeat chorus


Yeah yeah.  Love will, love will set us free