Mother Earth (Terra Infirma)

Mother Earth is dying, can’t you feel her pain?

Can’t you taste the bad blood running through her veins?

Buried under landfill, scarred with acid rain

Soon  you’ll wonder why there are no colours in our sky

And the birds no longer fly from foreign lands


Mother Earth is dying, stricken with disease

Man’s desire for riches has brought her to her knees

Poison in her rivers, poison in her seas

Will we ever learn that there’s a point of no return

When our future is no longer in our hands?


The furrowed fields where the shire horses reigned

To sow the seeds of life and haul in the grain

Are now deserted, barren and decayed

The barren wastelands of the mother we betrayed


Oh Mother Earth is dying, it’s a mournful song she sings

Stripped of all her virtue and the treasures that she brings

Violated by the ones she shelters ‘neath her wings

Will we set her free, or are we too blind to see?

Heads buried in the sand


Generations come and go, you reap more than you ever sow

Fools!  For well you know the price we’ll have to pay

What will your children do?  How will they remember you?

Gifted with paradise, but you threw it all away.


Mother Earth is dying, taken in her prime

We’d better make the change, and make it soon because we’re running out of time...

We’re running out of time.