Port Of Call

You thought you knew him now you know you were wrong

You saw right through him but it took you way too long, years of tagging along

He was a charlatan in fancy dress

You were a rival that he needed to impress, hell bent on success



Instead of doing what he wants, he oughta do what he oughta

Surely blood is thicker than water?

You followed on like a lamb to slaughter

It sounds a little stupid but you really thought that you were

In the circle, you thought you were a part of it all, when you were just another port of call.


You bore witness to his rock ‘n’ roll show

He took you places you swore you’d never  go, you just couldn’t say no

You know you’ve only got yourself to blame

Chalk and cheese, but you loved him just the same, so you played the game




Folks were saying he was this and that

You truly thought that he was where it’s at

There were SO many sycophants you kinda lost track

But you were always there to pat him on the back and say


“Good on you! You’re a superstar!

“Ain’t it cool to think you’ve come so far?  I’m glad you’re happy with who you are”

It doesn’t matter what is in your heart

There comes a time when you can’t help drifting apart

Wish you’d known this at the start




Just another port of call

Just another port of call

Just another port of call.