For Just One Day

They say I’m living in a dream

That we can’t change the world and what will be will be

That it would take a miracle to save this world of mine

But I can’t wait for miracles ’cos we’re running out of time

I know that I can never light a smile on every face

But you and I, we can try to make this world a better place



For just one day, let this earth turn in silence

For just one day, a world without violence

For just one day, a world filled with peace and goodwill

Let your spirit be still, let your love lead the way, for just one day.


They say my head is in the clouds

But I’ve got a song to sing out loud and clear

Don’t wait for a miracle, ’cos you could wait forever.  Why not

Be that miracle!  We could save this world together.

Love will flow, the light will shine and broken lives will heal

You never know, you might find you like the way it makes you feel


Repeat chorus


(Just one day) This road will only lead to sorrow

(Just one day) Free your soul and peace will follow

(Just one day) Love today means life tomorrow

Just one day.  Just one day.  Just one day.  Just … one … day.